Glass Ceramic Hydro+

Hydrophobic washing and protection of glass surfaces.

Glass Ceramic Hydro Plus – a breakthrough in the world of auto detailing, specifically designed for the care of car windows. This innovative product is not just an ordinary cleaning agent, but a comprehensive solution that provides hydrophobic protection for the glass surfaces in your vehicle. Thanks to its quartz content, Glass Ceramic Hydro Plus creates a thin, yet incredibly durable protective layer on the windows.

The key advantage of this product is its ability to accelerate water runoff from the glass surface, which is invaluable, especially in difficult weather conditions. Driving in the rain becomes safer, thanks to a significant improvement in visibility. Moreover, the quartz protection effectively shields the glass from dirt, dust, and other contaminants, significantly easing vehicle maintenance.

Glass Ceramic Hydro Plus is the perfect solution for anyone who desires not only shine but also long-lasting protection and safety. Its application is simple, and the effects are almost immediate. This product is recommended for both professionals in detailing and car enthusiasts who want to take care of their vehicles independently. Incorporate Glass Ceramic Hydro Plus into your maintenance routine and enjoy crystal clear windows every day.

How to use the product.


Apply the product to the cleaned glass.


Polish until the desired effect is achieved.


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