Glass Cleaner

Premium cleaner

Very effective, quickly evaporating product for fast cleaning of transparent surfaces like windows, mirrors and lights. One sprayer shot is enough to wash a front or rear window. Product leaves no glare or stains and is perfect for daily cleaning. It is safe for paint, plastics and rubber.


Amount of the product is adjusted to most typical usage. If you need any other capacities, please contact us at

700 ml


To help you see the usefulness of the product we managed to evaluate its characteristics in a group of features with five-level scale

Easiness of application
Quickness of action

How to apply the product:


Spray directly onto glass surface.


Buff with clean microfiber cloth.

It is good to know that:


Use no more than one sprayer shot on 1 square meter of surface.


If the product leaves streaks and is difficult to buff then you should use less of it.

What you need to know:

The product is based on alcohol and it is safe for paint, plastics and rubber (e.g. car door seals).

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