Bleeding Iron Remover

PH-neutral cleaner of iron sediment like brake dust or rust. It can be safely used on aluminium, chromed and polished rims and also car paint. It changes color to red while dissolving ferrous dust. The intensity of this effect depends on the amount of dirt. Thanks to the form of gel it sticks to cleaned surface acting longer and more efficiently. Time of action: 3-5 minutes


Amount of the product is adjusted to most typical usage. If you need any other capacities, please contact us at

700 ml


To help you see the usefulness of the product we managed to evaluate its characteristics in a group of features with five-level scale

Easiness of application
Quickness of action

How to apply the product:


Make sure the rim or paint is cool.


Spray directly onto the cleaned surface.


Spread using soft brush if necessary.


Wait 3-5 minutes observing growing intensity of „bleeding effect”.


Rinse with high-pressure water.


Do not allow to dry on the surface.

It is good to know that:


If you want to use the product on the larger surface e.g. car paint use a brush or applicator to spread it. It will help you to reach evenly every part you need to clean and yet use less product.


If you don’t see to much „bleeding” and the rim is still dirty, it means that there is no iron dust on the surface. If so - use APC Out to clean it.

What you need to know:


Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.


If the products gets dry - spray the surface again, wail and wash with high pressure washing.

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