IPA Cleaner

Car paint cleaner and degreaser. Final inspection before coating.

Professional spray for degreasing car body parts before coating. Dedicated for car paint, rims, glass, rubber and plastic parts. Removes light dust, greasy stains and water spots. Perfect for preparing car paint and glass before ceramic quartz or wax coatings.


Amount of the product is adjusted to most typical usage. If you need any other capacities, please contact us at sales@tenziprodetailing.com.pl

1000 ml 5000 ml


To help you see the usefulness of the product we managed to evaluate its characteristics in a group of features with five-level scale


How to apply the product:

Spray directly onto surface. Wipe with microfiber towel.

It is good to know that:

Use before any waxing or quartz coating.

What you need to know:

Flammable product.

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