Ceramic Hydro+

Superhydrophobic Quick Detailer

Ceramic Hydro+ is an advanced, ready-to-use product designed for surface protection and hydrophobization. Its innovative, ceramic-based formula not only provides high car paint protection but also significantly increases resistance to various external factors. The key ingredient, ceramics, creates a durable, hydrophobic layer on the paint surface, making the car body more resistant to all kinds of dirt, such as smog, dust particles, or rain residues.

This product also offers excellent protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation, a major factor causing paint fading and aging. Additionally, Ceramic Hydro+ significantly reduces the risk of micro-scratches that can occur on the body due to daily vehicle use, contact with branches, small stones, or during washing.

Thanks to its properties, Ceramic Hydro+ not only improves the appearance of the car by giving it a deep shine and color intensity but also makes it easier to keep the vehicle clean. Dirt and water more easily slide off surfaces treated with this product, reducing the frequency and intensity of required washing. The product is easy to apply and does not require specialized equipment, making it ideal for both professionals and amateurs who care about the aesthetic appearance of their vehicle.


To help you see the usefulness of the product we managed to evaluate its characteristics in a group of features with five-level scale

Depth of the paint

How to use the product


Shake the bottle before use.


Apply a small amount of the product using a sprayer on the car's paint.


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